Why can? political candidates, especially those in Florida, announce their candidacies the right way?

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What the hell is the matter with political candidates these days? Or, more to the point, why can? politicians get out of the starting gate without tripping-up?

Start with the most recent horse breaking from the gate, US Senate hopeful Adam Hasner, who at least had the decency towarn us with a Tweet:

Because we all know what America really needs is another candidate announcement video. Check out our new websitewww.adamhasner.com#Sayfie

Still, Hasner did get out of the gate a bitawkwardly, quietly forming an exploratory committee, rather than boldly launching his campaign. In fact, his official entrance into the race was all but missed by Florida? mainstream media. TheSt. Petersburg Times wrote:

We knewAdam Hasner was likely to jump into the U.S. Senate race, but until we saw an e-mail from the ?dam Hasner US Senate Exploratory Committee?featuring positive press mentions, we didn? realize he? all but announced.

In a state with like a billion voters, shouldn? a US Senate candidate like Hasner make some sort of splash? I guess he did, by conservatives?standards,winning endorsements from Erick Erickson and Mark Levin. But Hasner? announcement video has all the warmth of aSears Portrait Package:

Really, another candidate announcing from their poorly-lit study/laundry room/Man-cave?

Am I the only one who thinks that if you want to be a US Senator, you should be required to host a campaign kick-off that must be attended by at least 100 people? If a candidate can? organize at least that, they shouldn? be allowed to run.

Still, Hasner? launch was damn-near Lincolnian compared to George LeMieux? false-start. In fact, anyone doubting the importance of Vivian Myrtetus to George LeMieux only has to look at the last month, with Vivian getting started at the Department of Children and Families, and how rudderless LeMieux seems without her.

Sure, sure, he has Harris Media helping him out, but, as Adam Smith wrote:

First was the less-than-slick video of LeMieux talking about his candidacy that was posted on his campaign website.

?ust watched LeMieux? launch video ?sure he is a great guy but I?e seen hostage videos with better production,?tweeted state Rep.Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach.

Later on announcement day, people who signed onto his campaign? Facebook page saw the 41-year-old Republican talking, but there was no audio. LeMieux kept going for a while before realizing the problem. The screen went dark, then he re-appeared ?with sound. This after he had to send out a tweet correcting the time of the event.

Glitches happen. But LeMieux should hope that the Facebook audience is not a barometer of his public support. Only 53 people signed on to watch LeMieux? Facebook town hall (But, hey, that? more people than who downloadedMike Haridopolos?book).

A number of people posted harsh comments about LeMieux on his campaign website, including an accusation he? attempting to ?hitewash?his biography, which owes a lot toCharlie Crist. (The site barely mentions Crist, who once considered LeMieux his political ?aestro.?

Again, I have to ask, why can? these candidates announce the right way? You?l find no more forceful advocate for social media than me, but, damn it, if you?e going to run for Congress, you should be required to get out of your garage office, go reserve a park/town square/alma mater and make an actual speech before, you know, live people.

The trouble is, and they know it, too many candidates can? actually attract two hundred people to hear them speak.

Certainly Tim Pawlenty could, right? So why did he release this much-lampooned announcement video?

Ugh! Did Pawlenty really have to lip-sync the line about running for President?

What may be? worse is that Pawlenty actually lost his ?a href=”http://tpmlivewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/2011/04/colbert-pawlenty-lost-his-campaign-announcement-virginity-to-piers-morgan.php”>campaign announcement virginity?to Piers Morgan.

On Wednesday night, Colbert was shocked to announce that Pawlenty had let it slip to the CNN host that he was definitively running for President. And though Pawlenty? team later tried towalk back that statement by saying an official campaign announcement was still forthcoming, Colbert said it was already too late.

?eclaring your candidacy for president is supposed to be special,?Colbert said. ?ou only get to do it once, so you want to wait for that perfect journalist to share it with, not just give it up to the first guy who asks.?

Colbert went on to make the announcement sound like a sordid affair.

? mean, Pawlenty just got up there and did it with Piers,?Colbert said. ?nd he let him videotape it.?/blockquote>
Colbert actually made a better point when he spoofed Pawlenty? high-drama videoso

?hich can? help but remind the viewer of the new ads for Chryslero

?hich are really the advertisingdescendantof the goose-bump inspiring promotions for Levi?:

In other words, Tim Pawlenty, et al are announcing their candidacies with same tactics Levi? sells jeans. Brilliant marketing? Or just the continued commercialization of the political process?

Either way, it? better than looking like you filmed a ransom video.

Of course, what all of these candidates should be doing is some form, even if its downsized for scale, of this:

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