Wouldn't Scott Wagman make a solid Pinellas DEC Chair?

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If it’s true that Ramsay McLauchlan does not intend to seek another term — and why would or should he – as Chair of the Pinellas Democratic Party, the jockeying for his position has probably already begun.

Jack Killingsworth is chompin’ at the bit to be the next party chair, but if he were to win, the party would only slide further into irrelevancy.  Killingsworth won’t be able to raise a dime because most of the county’s legislative delegation won’t even deal with him.  Remember, Killingsworth is one of the wing-nuts who said he’s rather vote for a Republican than vote for Representative Janet Long because she, in Killingsworth’s world-view, is not a true Democrat.

In fact, if someone like Killingsworth were to win the chairmanship, the state party would have to step in and charter a new organization or do something drastic like that. Same goes for any follower of Ed Helm or any of the other loons on the far-left.

I know Mark Hanisee wants Ramsay’s job, but he has some ‘splaining to do about all of the oddball candidates, like April Sheffield, he supports.

It would be nice if someone like Rich Piper wanted the job, but I hear he is not interested.

David Schauer would also be a good choice, and may be the front-runner for the job.

But while we are hot-stoving it, I’ve got a name for Pinellas DEC Chair who I think would do a hell of a job…a name many of you probably never expected to read about on this blog: Scott Wagman.

First of all, Wagman would bring instant credibility to a position that desperately needs it.  He is someone who, despite losing an election, has earned the respect of a lot of the elected officials and party leaders, especially in the GLBT community.

Second, Wagman would be a master at fundraising.  Unlike the far-too-shy McLauchlan, Wagman can sit down with the Craig Sher’s of the world, peer to peer, and make the ask.  None of the other prospective candidates have that ability.

Wagman has a proven track record as a major fundraiser for the non-profit projects he is involved with and, so if just a little of that magic rubbed off on his efforts with the PCDEC, the party would have a lot more money in the bank than it does now.

Wagman also gives as good as he takes.  He says outrageous things.  He understand the media.  He understands the sound bite.  At least he does well enough to be an engaging party chair.  Wagman would be the first Democratic leader in a while who could match wits with his GOP counterpart (McLauchlan actually put Wagman to sleep at the former’s Tiger Bay performance in 2009).

I know, I know, you all must think I have some ulterior motive for throwing Wagman’s name into the mix.  Like I just want to see Wagman further punished, so see if he wants to corral cats all day down at PCDEC headquarters.  The truth is I genuinely think Wagman would do a great job and that this would be a perfect outlet for his political ambitions.

Whaddaya think, Scott?

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