Yes on 2 releases new ads about people who use, or want to use, medical marijuana

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United for Care, the group pushing to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, released two new online ads featuring personal stories of people who could be helped by medical marijuana.

“Rebecca” tells the story of Rebecca Hyman, who suffers from intractable epilepsy and could benefit from medical marijuana. The other ad features Irv Rosenfeld, one of the few federally allowed medical marijuana patient.

“Our daughter, Rebecca, could have a seizure at any given time that could take her life,” said Rebecca’s father Seth Hyman, who adds that his daughter has up to 200 seizures a day, which frightens her. Hyman learned about the benefits of medical marijuana and its use in the treatment of intractable epilepsy in children.

“We feel her saying to us, Mom, Dad, when is this going to stop,” Hyman adds. “Why don’t you, my parents, do something to help me? And we can’t.”

Hyman pleads for voters to allow Rebecca “all options for medical marijuana,” by voting Yes on Amendment 2.

Rosenfeld’s ad, called “Saved,” tells the story of his diagnosis of bone tumors at age 10, where they would grow outwardly from most of the long bones in his body.

“I could tear a vein, a clot could break off, go to your heart or your brain or your lungs and you’re dead,” he said. “Medical cannabis has saved my life. I’ve not had a tumor develop since I was 21 years old, and I’m now 61 years old.”

Rosenfeld called for help to get other people off disability who are not able to hold down a job because of the other medications they take that give marginal results.

“On November 4th,” he says. “Florida voters will have the opportunity to do the right thing, so please vote Yes on Amendment 2.”

In a statement, Ben Pollara, United for Care’s campaign manager, points out that although the No on 2 campaign has spent millions of dollars advertising to defeat Amendment 2, it has had a limited effect.

“The reality is that voters aren’t buying their false claims,” Pollara says. “We are efficiently fighting back with the truth, and that’s resonating across the state as we close in on Election Day.”

“Rebecca” is now available here. “Saved” is also available here.



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