Conservative businessman accuses Tampa rival of faking liberal outrage to steal business

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Chris Paris owns Tampa-based Oxebridge Quality Resources International

Political trolling on social media is getting its day in Hillsborough County court.

A Pennsylvania quality control consultant is accusing one of his business rivals based in Tampa of faking liberal outrage as a bogus “social justice warrior” and using his political views to gain an unfair business advantage.

William A. “Bill” Levinson is a consultant and owner of the risk management firm Levinson Productivity Systems, P.C. in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Levinson Productivity helps clients follow ISO 9001 standards, which outlines requirements an organization must uphold to maintain product quality.

Levinson, a self-described “pro-Israeli Jewish libertarian,” has been outspoken on his conservative political beliefs. He has published dozens of articles on the American Thinker website with titles such as “Michelle Obama’s Promotion of Misogyny and Date Rape,” “The Jewish voter as the Democratic Party’s battered spouse,” and “Black Lives Matter Encourages Justifiable Homicide of Black People.”

Christopher Mark Paris, the owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources, is one of Levinson’s business rivals based in Florida. Oxebridge is at 1503 U.S. Hwy 301 S, Suite 36 in Tampa.

Although Levinson says he tries to keep his business and politics separate, a lawsuit filed April 25 in Hillsborough County Circuit Court accuses Paris of blasting his politics to get a competitive edge.

Bill Levinson owns Pennsylvania-based Levinson Productivity Systems

Posting on the Oxebridge blog and Facebook page — as well as allegedly publishing articles under pseudonyms “Mark Spittle” and “Einstein Llewelyn” — Paris accused Levinson of espousing racism, sexism and Nazi-like attitudes toward Muslims and others.

Levinson calls Paris’ viewpoints insincere and claims he is a “Social Justice Warrior” who only feigns moral superiority to achieve an unfair business advantage over his competitors.

In the suit, Levinson describes Social Justice Warriors (SJW) as “the false portrayal of deep-seated personal conviction for an issue or cause, and falsely attribute it all touristic intentions, as the primary motivating factors for the individual’s action and commentary, when the actual predominant motivating factor is personal benefit or personal validation.”

These disingenuous social justice arguments are what Levinson calls exaggerated “virtue signaling,” defined as a “psychological/sociological phenomenon where an individual’s reaction and statements are intended primarily to convey a perception of righteousness or superior character.”

Levinson says Paris not only committed libel but also deliberately sought to harm his business by, among other things, convincing conference organizers to cancel a scheduled speech by Levinson.

Levinson is not the only business rival complaining accusing Paris of political character assassination.

Connecticut-based consultant Daryl Guberman also leveled similar grievances against Paris, posting a lengthy warning about him on the Guberman-PMC, LLC website.



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