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Pro-Ted Cruz super PAC taking aim at Marco Rubio

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A rash of anti-Marco Rubio advertisements could be hitting Florida’s airwaves soon.

On Monday, POLITICO reported that Keep the Promise I, the main super PAC backing Ted Cruz, is planning to air several advertisements taking aim at Rubio in his home state. The ads take on Rubio on several issues, including sugar subsidies and his tax plan.

In one 30-second spot uploaded to Keep the Promise I’s YouTube page, the super PAC takes aim at Rubio’s attendance record.

“Rubio talks up his national security experience, but did you know he skipped 18 defense votes, including one to arm the Kurds to fight ISIS,” a voice is heard saying in the advertisement.

Rubio took hits early in the campaign about his attendance in the Senate, with some candidates even calling on the Florida senator to step down.

In the sugar subsidies advertisement, the super PAC attempts to compare Rubio to Hillary Clinton.

“So-called conservative Marco Rubio has been taking your hard earned tax dollars and giving them to pay his billionaire buddies who run big sugar with government subsidies,” a man is heard saying in the 30-second spot. “Did you know big sugar is run by the same billionaires who have funded Marco Rubio’s political career? You know who else practices this kind of pay to play corporate cronyism? Hillary Clinton.”

Averages of recent Florida polls show Cruz trails Rubio in Florida. The Texas senator, however, leads the Florida Republican nationwide, according to national polling averages.

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