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Alan Grayson wants kids to live with him, claims mother is “bizarre”

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U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson wants his four children ages 10 to 16 to live with him, claiming their mother’s behavior has been “bizarre, aggressive and inappropriate,” according to papers filed last week in a Florida divorce court.

Grayson said in the court papers that he should be the sole decision-maker for the children’s education, medical issues and activities because Lolita Grayson is unwilling to communicate with him on those matters. He accused Lolita Grayson of being abusive to the children, using money designated for child support for her own use and inadequately taking care of the children. He also claimed Lolita Grayson has physically blocked his car and banged on the hood and had at times denied him contact with his children.

The couple have a 16-year-old, a 14-year-old and 10-year-old twins, as well as an adult child who is not subject to the custody dispute.

“Shared parental responsibility is not a viable outcome in this case,” Grayson said in the court filing.

An attorney for Lolita Grayson, Greg Lewen, didn’t return a phone call.

Last week’s court filing over custody shows that an agreement reached last April to annul the Graysons’ 24-year union hasn’t drained the acrimony from what has been a contentious, public breakup.

The Graysons agreed to the annulment after Alan Grayson found proof that Lolita Grayson hadn’t yet divorced her first husband when they had a wedding in 1990.

For her part, Lolita Grayson asked for shared parental responsibility and child support, and that Alan Grayson pay her attorneys’ fees. She also asked a judge to stop Grayson from selling any assets, saying she needed time to figure out “the extent of the assets to which she has claims to.”

“Over the course of the parties’ 29-year relationship, which included their 24-year marriage, the parties have accumulated an enormous fortune,” Lolita Grayson said in a filing last month.

Court papers put Alan Grayson’s worth at $31 million. He was an attorney before going to Congress. Lolita is a stay-at-home mother, and she is asking for alimony because she “cannot possibly pay for her needs and necessities of life without ongoing support.”

In another court filing last week, Alan Grayson asked a judge to allow him to get his possessions from the house he had shared with Lolita Grayson without prior notice, and to do so accompanied by police officers and while it’s being videotaped. If notice was given ahead of time, Alan Grayson said, Lolita Grayson would remove or destroy the possessions, which include a DeLorean sports car.

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