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Kevin Cate owns CATECOMM, a public relations, digital, and advertising firm based in Florida.

Kevin Cate: Hillary Clinton will win by a Florida landslide

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Hillary Clinton will win Florida, and therefore, the presidency. Floridians have been voting since Sept. 19, and Hillary has led the Real Clear Politics (RCP) Florida average almost every single one of those days. Since Sept. 25, she’s led or been tied with Donald Trump all but four days — the Comey fallout, and tonight, as I write this, she’s down 0.2 percent. At, we are treating every day votes are cast as one inning. In Florida, we have…

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8 Reasons Rick Scott is the perfect veep for Donald Trump

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Rick Scott is basically as awful as Donald Trump in so many ways. But before Floridians start petitioning Trump to introduce Scott to a presidential election turnout and an embarrassing loss before Scott runs for U.S. Senate in 2018, read all eight reasons. 8) Cons. Scott didn’t build his $300-some million fortune with a fraudulent university, but he did help build a company that defrauded Medicare and Medicaid by way more, paying a record $1.7 billion fine. 7) Muslims. Scott was offending Muslims and Hispanics long before Trump…

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Kevin Cate op-ed: Florida Democrats should change the rules, again

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Richard Nixon helped end, but can still save the Florida Democratic Party. It’s no secret that Florida Democrats have yet to figure out how to increase voter turnout during midterm elections. That’s why, despite Democratic voter registration advantages, Republicans have dominated state government for two-plus decades. But it’s not like Democrats haven’t tried. This election cycle, the Charlie Crist for Governor campaign spent about $3.7 million on its field, or get-out-the-vote, program – outside groups spent even more, about $15…

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