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“Spotlight” shows journalism at its best, Catholic Church at its worst

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If you want to be simultaneously appalled and inspired, go see the movie “Spotlight.” It’s about the Boston Globe’s 2001-2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the Boston archdiocese’s decades-long cover-up of child sex abuse by its priests and brothers. The film is unusual because it portrays people doing actual journalism. There are no gaggles of goofballs with microphones shouting stupid questions in a hallway. “Spotlight,” the name of the newspaper’s investigative team, shows that quality journalism is usually the result of a dogged slog.…

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Fair Districts proponents tell an inspiring tale about a dull topic

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Redistricting. Reapportionment. New voting maps. Dull. Boring. Eyes glaze over. It’s tough to follow – and care about – the legal battles that have been going on for years over Florida’s voting districts. But on Tuesday night I heard two attorneys who have been at the heart of the redistricting fight tell a riveting tale that has a happy ending. Dan Gelber, a prominent Florida Democrat, and Ellen Freidin, the woman who is primarily responsible for the state constitutional amendments…

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Duke Energy says it will issue credits to customers overcharged under new billing program

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Duke Energy Florida announced Tuesday that it will issue a credit to customers who paid more than they should have because of a billing error stemming from its rerouting of meters. The company said it embarked on the meter project because the old meter routes were inefficient. The project is complex, the company said in a news release, and “some customers incurred a bill with more days than a normal billing cycle, which unintentionally put them into a higher rate…

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“Nice guy” Charlie Crist tells journos he is the “happy warrior”

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Charlie Crist is a nice guy. He repeatedly told about 70 journalists that he’s a nice guy Thursday at an appearance before Florida Society of Newspaper Editors Convention in Coral Gables. Crist, the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, answered questions from a panel of editors and he clearly was prepared. He never stumbled when asked about switching parties, the collapse of the Florida economy during his term as a Republican governor or even his refusal to debate Nan Rich, the…

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