Better than a Koch Brothers-fueled email

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I have a question for you regarding the following twenty-nine words:


When we caught wind of the Koch Brothers’ secret plan to annihilate President Obama’s second term, we knew we’d need a powerful response.

But this is SERIOUSLY jaw-dropping!!!

If you received an email, the subject line of which was”JAW-DROPPING” — indeed, all caps — and then proceeded to read those next twenty-nine words, would any of them — exclamation points included — compel you to stroke a check to a national political organization?  

That is apparently exactly what the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee expected me to do.  

The email goes on to brag about their twenty-thousand overnight donors… won’t I be included in the next five-thousand?  Their attempt at a compelling story is too cute by half.  The day before, there were two emails from the DCCC.  The early afternoon hit featured the subject line: “Boehner’s not going to like this:” (complete with unnecessary colon), followed by the late afternoon email “deep trouble,” the first forty-six words of which were:

Here’s the latest —

The Koch brothers have been sitting back and waiting for the perfect time to pounce. Well, Speaker Boehner just confirmed it: that time is now.

House Republicans are hell-bent on using debt ceiling negotiations to sell out seniors and middle class Americans.

Such name-dropping.  I’m not sure why they don’t just throw in Lex Luthor, Darth Vader, and Dean Wormer while they’re at it.  

The purpose of the DCCC, if you didn’t already know, is to serve as “the only political committee in the country whose principal mission is to support Democratic House candidates every step of the way.”  The DCCC is not unique — Republicans have one, the National Republican Campaign Committee, NRCC — and there is a Senate companion as well, the DSCC (the National Republican Senatorial Committee, NRSC, for the Republicans, of course).  And yes, the DSCC all but calls Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell the boogeyman.  Check under your bed, then send us a check!

I realize that important fundraising deadlines are coming and going, and there are a bunch of kids in Washington, DC, faces lit by dim monitors as they work through the night, and someone, somewhere thought this was a brilliant strategy.  I have every confidence that among Democrats like me, the Koch Brothers have poll numbers slightly lower than a family of cockroaches.  But the visual of them “sitting back waiting for the perfect time to pounce”?  Come on, guys.  

What bothers me most is that description of the DCCC — support Democratic House candidates every step of the way… by crafting marvelous fictions about the Koch Brothers and making sure John Boehner looks as much like their lap-dog as possible!  This is a good way to raise money to support those candidates?  Look, everyone knows John Boehner has been historically ineffective as Speaker of the House.  But I’m not sure further demonization of a crew everyone on my side of the aisle hates, anyway, is effectively supporting candidates.

Besides, at what point do the emails just read: Koch Brothers!!! Koch Brothers!!! Koch Brothers!!! Boehner!!! Koch Brothers!!! Koch Brothers!!!

Here’s an idea: How about supporting the Democratic House candidates?  Only last week did this blog note that the “House is off the market” — meaning it is likely not in play and will stay controlled by the GOP through 2014.  Disappointing news for Democrats?  I’d call it an opportunity.  

Why not a feature on every single Democrat running for the U.S. House of Representatives.  Why not?  I know some of them are cranks.  I know some of them will never make it out of a primary against their Democratic peers.  So what?  Feature them.  Send me an email introducing me to the names and faces of the people in my party who want to run to serve in the House.  It’s not an easy gig, and they will likely never get that kind of notice or support again.  If the “House is off the market,” what on earth do we have to lose?  

These House races are expertly targeted, and the funding and support goes to a select few where Democratic leaders in Washington think they either have a strong chance at a pick-up, or a strong chance at retaining the seat.  

I hope I don’t have to point out that this is one of the reasons Americans remain so skeptical of our national political system.  I at least expect better from Democrats.

I am obviously not subscribed to emails from the NRCC or the NRSC.  But for whatever it is worth, I do know that they send similar emails: Barack Obama!!! Barack Obama!!! Barack Obama!!! Nancy Pelosi!!! Barack Obama!!! Barack Obama!!!