Blaise Ignoglia op-ed: Hillary’s debate problem

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Editor’s note: The following is an op-ed from Florida GOP Chairman Biaise Ignoglia.

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most liberal of them all? Tonight we will find out the answer to that question as the Democratic presidential candidates take the debate stage to fight over who is the most liberal of them all. Among the Democrat contenders, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has constantly avoided the media in order to circumvent the tough questions on her unethical, unsuccessful record, but tonight she will have to confront the media as well as her rivals.

Clinton and the Democratic candidates promise to provide job growth and opportunity, but their policies have proven only to grow the Washington bureaucracy while leaving families, students, and hardworking individuals behind.

Democrats are focused on continuing Barack Obama’s legacy of expanding the government with more D.C. intervention. Unfortunately, this does not create an efficient, effective, or accountable government, nor does it build a healthy, vibrant economy for the middle class.

Republicans believe that Americans deserve a president who works for the people, not against them.

If the Democratic presidential hopefuls want to win over the American people, they should promote the conservative ideas that have helped people get ahead by empowering them with economic opportunity and growth.

Under Gov. Rick Scott and Florida’s Republican leadership, Florida has created nearly 900,000 private-sector jobs while the unemployment rate has dropped from 11.1 percent to the current rate of 5.5 percent. It’s hard to imagine how Hillary’s outdated policies of empowering government and regulations could have garnered the same effect. Where D.C. gets it wrong, Florida gets it right.

Our citizens need job training for the 21st century in order to alleviate the poverty rate and welfare reforms that promote individual success and prosperity.

Part of an opportunity economy is preparing the students of today for the jobs of tomorrow by providing a great education and promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs that will prepare our future workforce. This is why Florida’s conservative leaders have championed options for parents. Schools choice enable a quality education in areas that previously had limited options.

Alongside sustained job growth and education reform, it is imperative that we hold our government accountable for its actions. Too often in the past, our communities have been plagued by uncontrollable government. Whether in the form of unnecessary tax hikes or burdensome regulations, governments have restrained the opportunities of our citizens.

We must hold Democrats accountable to their record and platform. Conservative leadership has proven itself effective in the issues that matter most: job growth, education, and our communities. And by electing a Republican president in 2016, we can attain a leader who is fighting to empower families and individuals, not Washington.