Bondi seeks dismissal of ‘Timely Justice’ challenge

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Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office has asked the Florida Supreme Court to reject a challenge to a new law aimed at reducing delays in carrying out the death penalty. Attorneys representing Death Row inmates filed the challenge late last month, after Gov. Rick Scott signed the “Timely Justice Act” into law.

They contended the measure is unconstitutional, in part because it would violate the separation of powers by imposing obligations on lawyers that conflict with judicially-determined rules.

But in a filing late last week, attorneys in Bondi’s office described the challenge as “meritless” and also said the Supreme Court does not have “jurisdiction” to rule on the challenge. “The petition makes no effort to identify any actual impact upon any pending case that might be affected by the passage of the Timely Justice Act,” Bondi’s office argued in the document. “The petition primarily attacks the constitutionality of the law with regard to the issuance of a death warrant, but the act does not make any defendant eligible or ineligible for a warrant or otherwise affect the status of any death-sentenced inmate.”