Breaking news about Florida’s U.S. Senate race (wink, wink)

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This comes courtesy of the Republican Party of Florida on this April Fools’ Day:

Headlines From Today’s Breaking News

Palm Beach Times: Former Republican Patrick Murphy Reveals Who He Voted For In 2012
At an event held at a Palm Beach multi-million dollar mansion, U.S. senate candidate Patrick Murphy revealed who he voted for in the 2012 presidential election. The former Republican had previously refused to state who he had supported.

The Miami Tribune: Leaked Video: Patrick Murphy Admits: “I Love And Rely On Super PACs”
In a leaked video exclusively obtained by the Miami Tribune, Patrick Murphy was caught confessing to a group of donors that he loves Super PACs. Murphy continued to say that he heavily relies on their support and while he cannot coordinate with them he will continue to post content and videos on his website for them to use.

The Orlando Herald: SCOOP: Murphy To Not Use Trust Fund For Campaign
After years of relying on his father’s money in order to run for office privileged Patrick Murphy has said that he will no longer use his father’s fortune in his bid for the US Senate. This statement comes on the heels of the DSCC announcing that they will continue to fully fund Murphy’s campaign.

The Tampa Citizen: DSCC Apologizes To Grayson For Rigging Primary For Murphy
As US Senate candidate Alan Grayson continues to lead Patrick Murphy among democrat voters the DSCC released an apology for taking sides during the primary in order pave the road for Patrick Murphy – a strategy they admit is unfair to Florida democrat voters. Following their apology, the DSCC offered up Harry Reid for a Palm Beach fundraiser in support of Grayson.

Bonus: Actual Headline: Tampa Bay Times: Patrick Murphy: I hate super PACs but here’s some video they can useThe 5 minute 42 second video posted on the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate’s campaign website isn’t for the public. It’s “b-roll” to be used by super PACs or another outside group that wants to make a positive ad on Murphy’s behalf.

Double Bonus: Actual Headline: Florida Politics: Alan Grayson Leads Over Patrick Murphy In New Poll“Grayson released the poll commissioned from 20/20 Insight LLC Tuesday showing Grayson leading Murphy 41 percent to 32 percent. The poll also showed Grayson doing better with young voters, liberal voters, black voters and union voters, according to the Grayson campaign.”

Hopefully one recognizes that there is no such thing as the Palm Beach Times, Miami Tribune or Tampa Citizen. In fact, this is an April Fools press release from the RPOF, having a little fun at Patrick Murphy’s expense.

Murphy and Alan Grayson are engaged in an extremely competitive battle for the Democratic nomination for senate this year. The Republican Party and some conservative Super PACs seem to be far more concerned about Murphy’s viability in a general election this fall against a GOP opponent. Murphy is by far the choice of the Democratic establishment, with endorsements from a slew of elected Democratic party officials locally and nationally, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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