Census Bureau: Nearly one-quarter of U.S. spouses born in another country

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Out of the 55.5 million married-couple households in the United States, over one out of five of them (21 percent) have at least one spouse born in another country. According to a US Census Bureau report released today, about 13 percent (7.3 million) of married-couple households are comprised of two foreign-born spouses, and the remaining 7 percent have one native-born and one foreign-born spouse.

These data, collected from the American Community Survey, focused only on those couples in which both spouses are present in a household, and not those where one spouse is absent.

Among the mixed-nativity households, the foreign-born spouse was more likely to be the wife (55 percent) than the husband. 

Geographically, foreign-born spouses in the US are most likely to have been born in Latin America and the Caribbean (40 percent), followed by Europe (26 percent) and Asia (23 percent).

Among the states, Hawaii had the highest percentage of mixed-nativity married-couple households (16 percent); Mississippi, South Dakota and West Virginia each had the lowest percentages (2 percent); and Florida is among the seven US states with between 9 and 11.9 percent.