Miami and Orlando slated to be among 10 best American cities of the future, new study says

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Two Florida cities are slated to be in the 10 “best” American cities in the future, according to an analysis by CreditDonkey, a financial education website. The Huffington Post

Looking at data for 420 cities, CreditDonkey compared data on five criteria: (1) percentage of housing built in 1990 or later, (2) population change since 2010, (3) construction jobs as percentage of population, (4) space travel companies and proposed spaceports, and (5) available DeLorean cars, like those from “Back to the Future”.

Bizarre criteria, at least the last one, but all purportedly related to a city’s growth potential.

“City life changes with the times, of course, and in many ways for the better. It’s in major metropolitan areas that real change becomes evident,” the report reads. “With this in mind, wanted to find out where we can see the future happening now by looking for cities that are embracing change the most. Where are the cities of the future?”

Placing at No. 6, Miami was noted by the report to have two major space transport companies in the area, giving the region greater potential to “become the gateway to the future.” Three DeLoreans from Miami were available for sale on Ebay in the last year.

Then, coming it at No. 4, Orlando was commended for its vast quantity of new housing, its quick population growth, and its proximity to Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center.

“Did you know? Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, helped design the 180-foot-tall Epcot Center ball” the report asks.

 I didn’t know. But apparently that means something to the study authors. Miami and Orlando were the only two cities on the East Coast highlighted by this report.