Chancellor Randy Hanna Leaving Florida Division of Colleges

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According to an internal Department of Education email from Commissioner Pam Stewart released late on Friday afternoon, Chancellor Randy Hanna is leaving his post as head of the Division of Colleges. The governing body of the state colleges — as Florida’s community colleges were recently re-christened — has been led by Hanna for most of Gov. Rick Scott’s tenure in office.

The memo indicates that Hanna is leaving to pursue his ambition to become a college president. The Florida College System will begin its search to find a new Chancellor after January 1.

When Hanna, a graduate of University of Florida and Florida State University law school, was hired in November 2011 following a 30-year career as an attorney, he was touted for his skills in diplomacy and seen as a figure who united the many and variegated stakeholders involved in the politics of higher education.

He previously served as managing shareholder at Bryant Miller Olive in Tallahassee.

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