Dan Gelber wastes no time declaring he’s for Charlie Crist

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To former Democratic legislator Dan Gelber, it is easy to support Charlie Crist. And not just because Gelber, like many Democrats, is hungry to take back the Governor’s Mansion. Rather, Gelber shares in a Monday column on Context Florida, why he has liked Crist all along.

“Early on and throughout his term as Florida’s Attorney General and Governor, it became clear that he was a real moderate and a true bipartisan,” Gelber wrote, going on to list the many issues that Crist championed during his eight years as a Republican in statewide office: automatic restoration of felon rights, global warming, extension of poll hours, and more.

To Gelber, Floridians won’t be persuaded by the Republican Party of Florida’s vilification of Crist.

“It won’t work. Floridians know what’s going on. They have watched as a narrow swath of ideologues have taken over the Republican Party nationally and here in Florida, intent on purifying its ranks of officials who commit the high crimes of moderation or bipartisanship,” Gelber writes. “Tons of Republicans and independent voters understand why Charlie had no place in a Republican Party that has jumped the tracks because they feel like the Republican Party has abandoned them too.”

Gelber suggests that Floridians will see in Crist the “kind of bipartisanship that is so sorely lacking in this nation”, and that voters have already concluded that “Charlie has their back and Scott doesn’t.”