Ken Detzner: Florida knows how to run elections

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Appearing relaxed and sounding confidence Secretary of State Ken Detzner briefed reporters Tuesday night a half hour after polls closed in the western Panhandle.

“It has been a great Election Day in Florida,” said Detzner, the state’s chief election official. “We are proving that Florida know how to run elections.”

Detzner noted that there were a few but minor problems; a precinct in Seffner had lost electrical power for about 56 minutes, and there were some problems with e-poll books but he said they were insignificant.

Although not completely briefed on a decision by a Broward judge to deny an emergency motion by the Charlie Crist campaign to extend voting hours, the Secretary of State said the judge ruled correctly that the motion was filed late, thereby meaning only Gov. Rick Scott had the authority to extend the hours.

Detzner noted that with 6,200 precincts and nearly 6 million voters there are going to be some problems and errors.

“The secret of a successful election is to be able to respond to those errors, solve those problems so that nobody is inconvenience, people vote and their votes are counted,” said Detzner

The results of Tuesday’s election will not be official until the election canvassing commission certifies them Nov. 18.