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Diane Roberts: Donald Trump feels presidency is ‘man’s job’

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Hillary Clinton is sick.

Important white men-types, such as Rudy Giuliani, Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump, say so.

She sits down at some of her campaign appearances — ON A STOOL! Or with a PILLOW BEHIND HER BACK! Clearly, her spine is disintegrating before our very eyes. She has Parkinson’s. A blood clot. A brain tumor. She has no stamina. She’s feeble. She has fits, seizures, rolling her eyes around and laughing.

Or she’s possessed by demons.

Giuliani: Now, there’s an hombre! His intellect is so honed, so energetic, so like a cheetah about to pounce on a gazelle, that at a recent campaign event, he forgot 9/11. Which happened while he was mayor of New York.

Last week, he praised Republicans thus: “Under those eight years before Obama came along, we didn’t have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started when Clinton and Obama got into office.”

Giuliani’s been all over television, insisting that the press ignores the obvious fact that Clinton is Not Long for This World.

Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, she of the necklace made of bullets and the assertion that “Obama invaded Afghanistan,” went on CNN and concurred: she diagnosed Clinton with “dysphasia,” a language disorder resulting from brain damage.

You will have noticed that Hillary Clinton can barely string three words together while Pierson’s boss is a silver-tongued master of Ciceronian rhetoric.

Donald Trump says Clinton sleeps all the time. She takes “too many naps.” Trump only needs three or four hours of shut-eye. No naps. He says himself: “no naps for Trump!”

Only losers and weaklings nap. But here’s the thing about womenfolk: they are always sick.

When they’re young, the monthly cycles make them moody and weird. When they get pregnant, the rampant hormones invade their brains, turning them pretty much crazy. Then it’s the menopause, attacking what little rationality they have left.

After that, it’s downhill into dementia.

You can’t allow one of them to become the most powerful person on the planet.

There was a movie about this very thing: it came out in 1964 and was called “Kisses for My President.” Polly Bergen plays the first woman president; Fred MacMurray is her husband, the First Gentleman.

What ensues is, to put it in Trumpian terms: A Disaster!

Madam President spends so much time on working with Congress, containing dangerous dictators and dealing with the Russians, she doesn’t even notice that her daughter’s running around with an unsuitable boy, and her emasculated husband, installed in an office with ruffled curtains and other girlie stuff, nearly runs off with an old flame.

It’s chaos. Until one day this bad mother of a president faints, and it is revealed she’s pregnant. She resigns (because hormones, obvs) and the natural order is restored.

There’s a reason why American women were not allowed to vote until 100 years ago (the anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s final passage is Aug. 26), despite all that stuff about equality and democracy in our founding documents.

Because they’re weak. Their uteruses tell them what to do. They get hysterical — that’s from the Greek word for uterus! They’re not strong-minded. Peter Thiel, the gazillionaire founder of PayPal and Trump delegate, thinks it’s a pity women ever got the franchise, since they turn around and vote for welfare, disaster relief, the environment, other women. Bunch of suckers.

Or else they’re unfeminine. When Donald Trump divorced his first wife Ivana, he said it was because she no longer had her “softness.” She’d become “an executive, not a wife.”

Trump left her, as he told Vanity Fair magazine, for “a piece of ass — a good one!” but when the POA (aka Marla Maples) took to working outside the home, he balked again: “When I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.”

Yeah, women are just too emotional and petty to be president. Especially Hillary Clinton.

A female Trump voter at a recent rally clarified it for Daily Show reporter Jordan Klepper and the rest of us: “The presidency is a man’s job,” she said. “A female has more hormones. She could start a war in 10 seconds.”

Ladies, don’t you just want to go lie down? Maybe take a Valium?


Diane Roberts’s book “Tribal: College Football and the Secret Heart of America” will be out in paperback this fall. She teaches at FSU.

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