Don’t know if it was used, but here’s my script about Rep. Brad Drake for tonight’s Press Skits

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Rep. Jimmy Patronis just Tweeted that there was a sketch about Rep. Brad Drake at tonight’s Capitol Press Corp Skits.  I’m not sure if its the one I helped write, so here was what I sketched out:

Scene starts in the middle of breakfast at a Waffle House.  Rep. Brad Drake character on left, two unidentified men on right.  Waitress buzzing around.

Unidentified man (UM): So, what you’re saying Brad is, you don’t think lethal injection goes far enough.

Brad Drake (BD): Hell no I don’t! We need to line those sum’ bitches and shoot ‘em right between the eyes.

Waitress, interrupts Unidentified Man: And what do you want on the side, honey? Bacon, ham or sausage.

Unidentified Man: Bacon please. Extra crispy.

Brad Drake: Exactly! Extra crispy is what I say.  If it we’re up to me, I’d never have gotten rid of the electric chair.  Put those fellas in Ol’ Sparky and run a few thousand volts through ‘em like the good old days.

Waitress: And do you want a biscuit, muffin or toast?

Unidentified Man: Toast please, a little burnt.

Brad Drake: A little burnt?  Hell no, I want to see ‘em a lot of burnt.  If you’re gonna fry someone, you got to make sure they’re fried. Or what’s the point.

Waitress, to second Unidentified Man 2: What would you like to drink?

Unidentified Man 2: I’ll take a cup of coffee and a big glass of water.

Brad Drake: Naaahhh, drowning the bastards will take too long. And where the heck are you gonna drown ‘em…the execution pool? Wait, I like that idea: The Execution Pool.  We just tie those a-holes up to a big brick and drop ‘em in a big swimmin’ pool.  That’ll teach ‘em.

Waitress: …and how do you want your eggs?

Unidentified Man 2: Sunny-side up please.

Brad Drake: That’s just perfect. Burn those little buggers.  We get a big magnifying glass and point it at ‘em and watch ‘em burn. I use to do that with them there little ants when I was growing up.  Plus, it won’t cost nuttin’.  And the libs will like it ‘cause we’re using solar power!

(Big laugh from Drake)

Waitress to Brad Drake: And for you, sir?

Brad Drake: “Do you have cruelty free eggs today, I hate to see those chickens hurt at all…”


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