Email Insights: John Morgan throws down gauntlet, medical marijuana battle begins

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Amendment 2 did not reach the 60 percent threshold Tuesday night for addition to the Florida Constitution.

Make no mistake, however; John Morgan is not done, and now he is throwing down the gauntlet.

In an email to Yes on 2 Campaign supporters, Morgan claimed (a qualified) victory in the fight for medical marijuana in Florida.

As the primary backer of the People United for Medical Marijuana, Morgan makes an interesting observation of Tuesday’s ballot: a higher percentage of voters supported medical marijuana than voted for winners in the last six Governor’s races.

“Our next governor will take the oath of office having won less than a majority of Floridians’ votes,” he says. “The idea that marijuana is medicine and that those suffering and in pain should not be made criminals, received a larger share of the vote than the winner of the last 6 gubernatorial elections (if over 56) and every presidential campaign in Florida for decades.”

Florida acted because Tallahassee would not.

“This fight does not end tonight,” Morgan says. “This fight begins tonight. Tomorrow we go to Tallahassee.”

Morgan calls both the governor and the Legislature to listen to the people who gave them their job and pass a medical marijuana law in the 2015 session.

And if they don’t, 2016 is just around the corner.

“The will of the people WILL NOT be denied a second time,” he declares.

Compassion may not be here just yet, but it is coming.

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