Email Insights: NextGen Climate dresses up for Halloween

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You know Halloween is near, when the newest email from NextGen Climate shows fans dressed in silly costumes to blast Rick Scott.

Florida’s governor needs to stop his “Stone Age agenda” on climate change, the email says. It comes complete with a photo of supporters dressed as both science teachers (white coats and all) and cave dwellers carrying clubs and dressed in faux animal skins.


NextGen Climate Florida is the environmental PAC founded by investor and philanthropist Tom Steyer, which is targeting Scott as one of the state office-bearers denying humanity’s role in climate change.

When asked about climate change, the governor now-famously dismissed it with a flippant “I’m not a scientist.”

The science is settled, says NextGen Climate: “NASA, the U.S. military and 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is here, and it is time to act.”

Florida is facing a serious threat, they add, and too many politicians still refuse to accept the basic science of climate change.

A serious threat, yes. But is dressing up like anxious trick-or-treaters the right way to get your message heard?

“We can’t afford to wait any longer for Governor Scott to stop his denial. He needs to stop behaving like a caveman and step out of the Stone Age,” said NextGen Climate Florida State Director Jackie Lee. “It’s time to answer a simple question: does Governor Scott accept science and is he willing to protect Florida’s families?”

And if that doesn’t work, maybe they can throw eggs and toilet paper the Governor’s Mansion.

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