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Falcons coach Dan Quinn’s bumper sticker phrases

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Atlanta coach Dan Quinn has used a bunch of phrases this season to pull his Falcons closer together. Many could fit on a bumper sticker, and each has a purpose.

“The real reason behind it is to make sure our messaging stays the same,” Quinn said Tuesday. “So, when one person is talking to another, it’s not where it’s in different things. ‘Yeah, that’s just like this or just like that.’ e’d rather it be in terms taht when oen thing is said, it really clearly means something to you. They are important for us as our messaging goes.”

Not every phrase sticks around for an entire year. Quinn says some phrases work best for a particular game or time during the season.

“I’d say there’s probably somewhere between eight to 12 that are definitely ones that we stand by,” Quinn said.

The latest phrase in rotation with the Falcons as they prepare for the Super Bowl on Sunday against New England is “Ready to ride dog.”

“It pretty much just sets off what we do,” Atlanta linebacker Deion Jones said. “That’s our mentality. That’s how we play. It really exemplifies the character of this team. A lot of guys are playing ball, having fun and playing for one another.”

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