Florida needs new identity when it comes to fraud…

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Florida leads the nation in the rate of reported identity theft, and not just by a little bit.  According to statistics compiled from the Federal Trade Commission’s most recent Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, Florida’s rate is nearly double that of the second leading state — Georgia — and more than three times as high as the next in line — California, Michigan, New York, and Nevada.

Florida reported 70,000 incidents of identity theft in 2012, representing approximately 361 of every 100,000 Floridians.  Comparatively, Georgia reported 194 incidents per 100,000 residents.

There is something about Florida that attracts this kind of activity beyond the fact that the state is a haven for retirees.  Arizona is a retirement hotspot too — but that state reported less than one-third the rate of such fraud as Florida last year.

North and South Dakota came in last for the risk of identity theft, at one-tenth the rate of Florida. If only the Sunshine State could do what it does and gank some Dakota cred.