Florida State gives big bonus, raise to President Thrasher

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For the third year in a row, Florida State University President John Thrasher is getting a substantial bonus and another boost in pay.

FSU trustees on Friday voted to boost Thrasher’s annual salary by 7 percent to $555,560. Trustees also agreed to give him a $200,000 bonus for his performance. Last year, Thrasher was given a $100,000 bonus. Thrasher later this year will also get a 1.45 percent raise being given to all FSU employees.

Trustees said they were giving him a raise because they’re pleased with his performance. They noted that FSU’s national rankings have jumped during his time in office.

FSU is also extending Thrasher’s contract by another year. This means he would stay as president until 2020. If he stays on the job until then, he would get a $400,000 bonus.