Florida tourist breaks foot jumping in low tide, sues TradeWinds Resort for negligence

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What looked like a fun way to spend a summer afternoon in Florida turned into a painful experience for one tourist.

On June 29, 2016, Megan Langdon, along with her husband and children, were visiting TradeWinds Island Resorts, one of the many on St. Pete Beach.

The Texas family purchased one hour passes to the Floating Water Park, located offshore just behind the TradeWinds.

Fifteen minutes before their session was up, Langdon jumped from one of the inflatables into the water feet first.

Langdon hit the sea floor, fracturing her right heel.

The suit claims Langdon’s injury was preventable if the resort had taken necessary precautions to prevent accidents like this from occurring.

With low tide, water surrounding the park was dangerously low. Langdon says the resort should have been aware of the tides.

Had they known the conditions, the suit claims, the TradeWinds would have reasonably shut down the park until the tide returned.

By failing to close the park, or warn guests of the hazard, TradeWinds could be found negligent.

Langdon had to go through surgery and wears a boot during the healing process, as shown in a photo from her Facebook page,.

Now Langdon and her husband are suing TradeWinds. In a complaint filed Oct. 19, the couple are seeking damages for emotional and physical trauma, hospital bills, loss of income, and attorneys’ costs and fees.

The water park features over an acre of slides, trampolines, ocean loungers, and rafts. Guests can climb the slides and walls and jump off into the Gulf waters below.

Users of the vacation-review website TripAdvisor rate the water park at a 3.5 out of 5. Of 60 reviews, at least 12 say the park was closed due to inclement weather. Roughly 15 reviewers rated the attraction below a two. The attraction is rated 22 out of 44 things to do in St. Pete Beach.

TradeWinds Island Grand Resort is located at 5500 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach.

Photo courtesy Megan Langdon/Facebook
Photo courtesy Megan Langdon/Facebook