Tampa Realtor president sues neighbor for access to ‘landlocked’ property

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Andrew Scaglione

The owner of a landlocked private property in Tampa is suing his neighbor to create an easement allowing access to the land.

ANMF, managed by Andrew Scaglione, is suing neighbor, Henry Robertson Jr., on two counts “to establish an Implied Way of Necessity” and “to establish a statutory way of necessity.”

The company owns a five-acre parcel located in Millan de Avila, an exclusive Tampa neighborhood.

According to the suit, filed December 14 in Hillsborough County’s 13th Circuit Court, ANMF suggests the only practical access point to the land is through Robertson’s property. The property cannot be used to its full potential without such access.

ANMF seeks for a 38-foot wide easement to be established, offering to pay $100 as compensation for the use of the roadway.

A diagram attached to the suit outlines the property owned by ANMF. It depicts the property to be surrounded by cement walls to the north and west as well as a wooded wetland just west of the property. South of the property is where Robertson’s land is located. An easement currently stretches from Indian Head Drive to the end of Robertson’s property.

The land was previously owned by Robertson before losing it to foreclosure. Two years after that, ANMF purchased the land.

Scaglione, 55, also serves as president of the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors, a nonprofit association representing more than 9,000 real estate professionals. He also is a board member of USAmeriBank, a director and former chair of the Tampa Sports Authority, and the owner of Empire Commercial Realty Service.

Scaglione lives in Avila, directly north of ANMF’s property.

The diagram suggests a possible access to the property could be obtained via Scaglione’s property. However, it also appears to show a cement wall separating the two properties.

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Enhanced map with the home of Andrew Scaglione in green. Image courtesy of BayLawsuits.com