Florida’s brew ounce wars

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 You can chug a 32, get a doggy-bag for your unfinished bottle of wine at dinner, or fill greater than a gallon of beer into a keg — but you can’t load up your half gallon growler at a Florida brewpub, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

Two bills that would allow patrons to fill up to 64-ounce jugs known as growlers are making little progress this session.  SB 1344, sponsored by Sen. Jack Latvala, has cleared Regulated Industries but still has three committees to go; and HB 715, sponsored by Rep. Katie Edwards, has yet to be heard in either of two committees.

The measure was opposed by large beer distributors, as it would shake up the state’s “three tier system”. According to Senate bill analysis, “The system requires that the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcoholic beverages be separated. Retailers must buy their products from distributors who in turn buy their products from the manufacturers. Manufacturers cannot sell directly to retailers or directly to consumers…”

One thing for sure, Lloyd Dobler would not make this his business to figure out.