Frank Underwood devastates Westeros in viral “House of Thrones” mashup

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Vice President Frank Underwood has his eye on a new kingdom — Westeros.

House of Thrones” is a three-minute parody video that mashes-up “House of Cards”/“Game of Thrones” (disguised as a devilishly clever Quiznos ad).

In addition to a barrage of nerdy GOT inside jokes, most of the video’s fun comes through an amazing impression of Kevin Spacey and his role in the hit Netflix political thriller.

In the ad, “Underwood” – portrayed by actor and celebrity impersonator Ross Marquand – moves through the Seven “GOT” Kingdoms, taking out his opponents one at a time with his trademark quips and fourth wall-breaking asides.

“Why have one little old presidency when you can have seven entire kingdoms?”

Underwood gives Arya Stark an “ugly haircut,” let loose his fire-breathing pet dragon “Stamper” on Daenerys — a nod to Underwood’s seedy chief of staff (played by Michael Kelly) — cuts off Jamie Lannister’s other hand (“Damnit, I really needed that one”), pushes Jon Snow off a cliff and slammed Tyrion with a torrent of short jokes.

He finishes by poisoning King Joffrey — but not before mentioning Quiznos.

The HOC/GOT mashup comes from Toasty TV, a YouTube channel with “curated entertainment, straight from the toaster” sponsored by national sandwich-chain Quiznos.

Both Game of Thrones and House of Cards fans delight in wondering, “Who lives? Who dies?”

As an advertisement, it is extremely subtle, with only one quick product placement at the end. 

Within days of the ad’s launch, the viral video received more than 1.1 million YouTube views, providing a nice career boost for Marquand, known for celebrity impressions that include Spacey, Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt.

He was even mentioned by the two-time Oscar winner in an Empire magazine profile.

“They asked him who does the best Kevin Spacey, and he mentioned my name in the article, which was so crazy,” Marquand said in a recent interview with the New York Post. “It was a very surreal moment for me knowing that Kevin Spacey had seen my impression.”

The viral ad is only the latest of the sandwich chain’s parodies on, which also poked fun at “Dancing With the Stars,” “The Real Housewives” and “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” as an effort to reach a younger demographic.

“They weren’t trying to make it something that was all about Quiznos, which I think is smart because when people beat you over the head with a message or product, it gets annoying,” Marquand told the Post. “But something that is catchy and smart and funny that people want to share that’s a really good way to get your content out there.”

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