Game of Thrones gets skewered in latest ‘Honest Trailers’

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Winter comes once again as the fourth season of hit series Game of Thrones arrives on HBO.

Just in time for Sunday’s premiere is a proper skewering from the folks at Screen Junkies, offering up GOT on a stake in the latest edition of the popular Honest Trailers.

Westeros may never be the same.

Jon Bailey, the announcer for Honest Trailers since 2012, starts the fun with a perfect touch of gravel-voiced sarcasm, calling GOT the “abusive show you keep watching, no matter how many times it hurts you,” punctuated by a clip of Sansa forced to view her father’s severed head: “How long do I have to look?”

As the GOT Honest Trailers covers the first three seasons — spoilers abound!

Here, nothing is spared, including the series’ penchant for incest, long monologues, a confusing number of characters (both named and unnamed), and Westeros’ unique jargon: “the place where everything is a (thing) of (nouns).”

And a wealth of full-frontal female nudity (“boooo-bies”).

Honest Trailers is perfect for fans of the both the GOT books and series, as well as the few people untouched by all things Westeros. For those who like their history encyclopedia/Dungeonmaster’s guide/porno with dragons, on Sunday, they will get their long-awaited fix.

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