Is Greenlight Yes in trouble in north Pinellas?

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It was a bit like Custer’s last stand as Don Ewing seemed to be the lone GreenLight proponent in Thursday’s North Pinellas County Regional Chamber of Commerce (NPRCC) transit forum.

NPRCC is the County’s newest Chamber of Commerce and has not yet taken a position on the Greenlight sales tax referendum.

There were about 60 people in attendance and when asked, “How many of you are small business owners?” a majority of the people raised their hand.

Barb Haselden of No Tax for Tracks was invited to present the oppositions’ position. The event was pretty much a restatement of both sides position with both Ewing and Haselden using their now familiar PowerPoint presentations to explain a complicated issue.

Two things were noteworthy about the event. First was the overwhelming number of people wearing No Tax for Tracks buttons or shirts, and second the complete lack of any support from high profile Greenlight Yes team.

Ewing, Chairman of the Council of North County Neighborhoods, was on his own to deal with a friendly but not overly supportive audience.

Chris Steinocher of the St. Pete Chamber, and ardent Greenlight supporter, was not there, PSTA was invited and no showed. None of the other high profile Greenlight players were there to support Ewing.

It looked like either the GreenLight Yes people may have written off North County or at least the fledgling NPRCC.

The NPRCC executive board will make a decision or their Greenlight position in the next week or so. Should they decide to oppose the referendum, it could be a major shift in the Greenlight landscape.

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