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Gwen Graham’s silence on Hillary Clinton emails is deafening

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We’ve gone about a week without hearing from anyone about North Florida rookie U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham when our mailbox lit up with a message from the NRCC. It is questioning Graham’s silence on questions about Hillary Clinton’s email account.

CNN is reporting that everyone in Washington is talking about Clinton’s emails except Democrats. The former secretary of state apparently set up a private email server, shielding her communications from the public eye. And CNN reports on a variety of maneuvers congressional Democrats used to avoid answering questions about the topic.

Graham’s not in that story but the NRCC wonders about Graham’s silence after she protested on national security grounds a possible shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security.

The NRCC is distributing a National Journal article which asks whether a government official’s email account can be private and if it presents a national secruity risk when the official is the secretary of state.

“Gwen Graham’s silence on Hillary Clinton’s questionable e-mail is deafening,” said NRCC spokesman Chris Pack. “For someone like Graham, who has been preaching about national security for weeks, should be the first person speaking out against Hillary Clinton’s irresponsibility that may have put our national security at risk.”

Gawker has more on the story and considers Clinton setting up a private account as “an affront to Obama’s transparency agenda.”

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