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House offers Senate $600 million to walk away from Medicaid expansion

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The House rejected the Senate’s proposal to extend the session until June 30 and upped its offer to $600 million in contingency funding to pad the loss of supplemental Medicaid funding called Low Income Pool if the Senate would back away from its push to expand Medicaid to low-income working Floridians.

The contingency funds would kick in after the state hears back from the federal government as to the amount of Low Income Pool funds Florida can expect, the House said in a written offer to the Senate that was released to the press.

The $600 million would draw down another $900 million in federal Medicaid dollars.

“To the degree that federal funds are approved, the contingency funds can automatically be used for other agreed upon priorities. Further, we believe an automatic extension to June 30 is unnecessary, and we can begin negotiations as early as this weekend and accomplish our work in a manner that will not incur costs to Florida taxpayers associated with an unnecessarily protracted extended session.”

The House’s offer is the third exchange the chambers have had in a 24-hour period.

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