Jeb authors cover story for April’s Newsmax

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In Jeb Bush’s cover story for April’s edition of Newsmax, an optimistic view of America’s future is portrayed as stemming from growth and open doors to economic opportunity; but instead of relying on sweet platitudes, he puts some meat on the policy bones — not surprising for the Governor who was known for seeking out “big, hairy, audacious ideas.”

Although never once mentioning President Obama or the Democrats in his Newsmax article or interview, Bush stated that Republicans could be too focused on talking about what the opposition is doing instead of what can be done.  For example, he suggested that Republicans may talk too much about the debt and deficit instead of focusing on growth.

In contrast to a plan for economic recovery that rests upon taxing, Bush projects that if the nation were to grow at 2 percent more per year than what’s projected, tax revenue generated from this growth would be about $1 trillion.

“There is no tax plan that could come close to [that]”, he said.

Bush lamented that candidates too often shy away from talking specifics on the campaign trail — and offered instead that leaders should “be bold, be specific, persuade, don’t follow polls, don’t be driven by what people’s feelings are here and now because those opinions can shift if you make a compelling case.”

And shy away, he did not.

In this interview and article alone, Bush cites the need to strengthen family values as a way to strengthen the economy; argues that too great an emphasis is placed on the college experience; believes that tax loopholes should be eliminated; and suggests that the retirement age should be raised to reflect increases in life expectancy.  

No doubt, there’s more where that came from.