League of Women Voters shouts from the top of Mt. Election Reform

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If Florida election reform were a mountain, the League of Women Voters suggests the trek up it to be a an unlikely feat, but one which resulted this legislative session in a surprising view of the summit.

“Sometimes it felt like climbing a mountain with concrete boots,” states Deirdre Macnab, League president, “But with the Governor’s signature on this election reform package, Florida has achieved what many of us thought at one time might be impossible: a huge improvement to our democratic process and a giant step forward for Florida voters.”

Congratulations were issued to the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee Chair Jack Latvala and House Ethics and Elections Subcommittee Chair Jim Boyd for their efforts in making the bill a bipartisan effort and for ensuring public voices were heard alongside those of elections officials.

But the League doesn’t consider the victory to be case closed.

“Citizens must stay vigilant to ensure that our elections system does not slide backwards at any point in the future,” Macnab continued.

That said, it appears that this bill is well equipped with the policy equivalent of harnesses and ropes. I suppose 2014 will tell.