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Man thrown off Tampa garage blames strip club, police for failing to prevent attack

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A new lawsuit is opening old wounds for the victim of a 2013 gentlemen’s club brawl where a man was tossed off a parking garage.

Jordan Archuleta of Edgewood, New Mexico was in Tampa for work when he decided to visit The Penthouse Club, a gentlemen’s club on Westshore Boulevard.

After Archuleta got into an altercation with another patron — purportedly named Raymond Andrew Mondracon — the two were removed from the property. Once outside, the quarrel between them continued.

A bystander witnessed Archuleta get “violently assaulted” and called 911. The caller reported that Archuleta was followed into a neighboring parking garage by his attacker.

Tampa Police responded to the call immediately. A man named in the suit as “Sgt. Graham” arrived and spoke to the bystander before pursuing the suspect that was described to the sergeant as a “young, shirtless, Hispanic male,” according to the suit.

From inside the garage, Graham witnessed a man fitting the description of the attacker ascend a corner stairwell. Graham allegedly asked the man if he was OK, however he received no response. He cleared the call and left the area.

Once the coast was clear, Archuleta was beaten and thrown from an upper level of the garage. He was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Archuleta suffered head trauma and fractures in his arm and leg. Surgeries were required to fix the fractures.

In the suit, Archuleta says The Penthouse Club, the garage, the City of Tampa, Police Chief Eric Ward, and Tampa Police Department are all at fault for the attack. The Penthouse Club is owned by defendant Westshore Food & Beverage, whose members are Jada Brueggeman and Deanna Dunbar.

Archuleta claims his attacker Mondracon.

The club reportedly served excessive amounts of alcohol to Mondracon. This consumption of alcohol caused him to become “visibly intoxicated, loud, obnoxious, violent and aggressive toward other business invitees,” the suit says.

The Mondracon was never charged with a crime.

At the time of the attack, Archuleta worked in the moving industry.

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