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Mysterious medical cannabis group says they only seek ‘properly regulated’ Charlotte’s Web

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Friday marked the seventh day of existence for the Medical Cannabis Trade Association. The association of nurseries is challenging a proposed rule for a medicinal marijuana law approved in 2014.

When the group filed its lawsuit Tuesday no one around the Capitol seemed to know anything about the MCTA.

The association formed as a Delaware corporation Friday, March 20, organized to conduct business in Florida the following Monday and filed a challenged the next day saying that the Department of Health’s proposed regulations are vague, fail to establish adequate standards and enlarges provisions beyond what lawmakers wrote.

“The proposed rules from the Department of Health are arbitrary and not in the best interest of the people of Florida,” said Clifford Wolf, the MCTA Fort Lauderdale attorney. “Our goal is to insure that appropriate rules are adopted so patients have access to properly regulated medical cannabis in the future.”

Clifford declined to disclose any information about MCTA membership other than it included nurseries and others. He said a news release announcing its creation soon will be released.

“We are a not-for-profit association with no motive other than assuring that the citizens of Florida has access to properly regulated medical cannabis using specific and well defined rules,” said Clifford.

The MCTA challenge is before Judge W. David Watkins. He has 30 days from when it was filed to schedule a hearing. At that time, Clifford will probably be required to disclose the identities of some of the association’s members so Watkins can determine if they have standing to sue.

In the meantime, the Florida Senate is moving forward with a plan to implement the Charlotte’s Web law with an end-around the rule-making process. Sen. Rob Bradley’s self-executing SPB 7066 is scheduled for a Health Policy Committee meeting Tuesday.

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