New survey shows 73% of Americans support Airbnb operating in their community

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Support for Airbnb continues to grow.

New research released Tuesday shows 67 percent of Americans said they supported a sharing economy. That support grew to 74 percent among millennials, typically people between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

That support for a sharing economy bodes well for Airbnb, which found 50 percent of Americans nationwide said they had a favorable impression of the company. The survey — conducted by David Binder Research — found 9 percent of Americans had an unfavorable view; while 41 percent had no opinion.

The survey found that 58 percent of millennials had a favorable impression of the company, while just 7 percent had an unfavorable view. The survey found 35 percent of millennials had no opinion of the company.

A majority of millennials — 81 percent — said they efforts to allow Airbnb to legally operate in their community. The survey found 73 percent of all Americans supported allowing Airbnb to legally operate in their community.

Airbnb, a home-sharing tourism company, is growing in popularity across the country. The app-based, home-sharing service connects visitors with people who have homes or rooms available for rent by the night.

Earlier this month, the company reported it arranged services for 754,000 visitors in 16,100 private homes in Florida in 2015. Worldwide, Airbnb says more than 2 million hosts and 60 million visitors used the service.

The report found 66 percent of Americans though Airbnb was a good idea. That number grew to 76 percent among millennials.