Not everyone is a fan of the Bucs “RED” movement

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers “RED Women’s Movement” hit the web around 9:00am EST; the negative feedback then hit the web immediately after. The “RED” movement is a program designed to help aspiring female football fans learn about the players, the team and the game. However, the way the team went about delivering their message, didn’t really scratch everyone where they itched.

If you read about the program on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers website, you’ll come across the words “groundbreaking” and “creative”. If you watch the video though led by Bucs Team Insider Casey Phillips, among other things, you’ll learn that female fans are all invited to submit their best Buccaneer themed fashion designs and cooking creations. This concept is not sitting well with Bucs fans (current or aspiring).

The purpose of the “RED” movement is actually a pretty innocent and kind-hearted approach by the team … honestly. They’re letting new fans of the game get an exclusive look at the National Football League. The program also features behind the scenes meet and greets with team personnel and a chance to head down to Raymond James Stadium for exclusive “RED” educational meetups. It’s the delivery of the program’s message that is lacking. Many people do enjoy cooking and designing fashion, but these are also two massive female stereotypes. Avoiding the inclusion of these tactics in your outreach pitch may have been a better way to go.

While the team’s delivery off the field is a little suspect, Bay area fans are hopeful the on-field product will finally be a little more on-point. The team’s first test will put the number one pick against the number two from the 2015 draft; Jameis Winston and the Bucs vs. Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans. The opening week NFL betting line at TopBet shows the Bucs are favoured to get their first home win since December 8, 2013.