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Patrick Murphy takes aim at GOP House budget

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Newly minted U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy fired a shot across the bow of the House Republican majority Wednesday, when he released a statement excoriating the priorities in the budget passed earlier this evening.

“House Republicans have, once again, misplaced their priorities.  They’re turning their backs on seniors, working families, and critical infrastructure projects we need throughout Florida and the entire country,” said Murphy in the announcement.

“There is no reason that we can’t combine fiscal responsibility with strengthening the middle class, while ensuring seniors can have a dignified retirement,” the statement went on.

Murphy invoked his own financial acumen in his criticism, reversing the tables on the ravenously pro-business House GOP.

“As a CPA, I can see a bad budget deal from a mile away, and this is a raw deal for Florida’s families, seniors, and young adults looking for opportunities to succeed. That’s why I opposed this plan.”

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