Political Ad Watch: Raising (hell in) Arizona

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This week, I invited Benjamin Kirby to join the Political Ad Watch club.  Kirby noticed a rather unique ad running in Arizona.

I know what you’re thinking: always nice when even gun-toting whackos include family members in the political ads.  And crazy gun-nut Ron Gould — “Conservative Republican!” — does just that at about 9 seconds in.

Those two winners are his sons.

You might wonder, though, why he didn’t include both sons in the totally not-at-all phallic frame at about four seconds in — it’s just the one idiot son.  Huffingtonpost tells us why:

The ad features men fondling guns and includes appearances from Gould’s sons, Ron Jr. and Robert Gould. But Robert does not carry a weapon in the ad, and for good reason: In January, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail after a felony theft conviction, which makes it illegal for him to possess firearms.

Those doggone felon sons sure do make it hard to cut a political ad, don’t they?

Greg Wilson says he doesn’t think “I can stop laughing long enough to write anything meaningful”:

I always tell clients to never make the mistake of marketing to themselves, but maybe this would be a client I would make an exception for. It’s filled with all those great “red meat” lines, like “Washington doesn’t get us” and “Washington needs a straight shooter.” And, of course, the conservative mantra: Get government out of our lives (but no mention of all they want Washington to continue to fund. I bet he doesn’t call for ending Medicare and I bet more Republicans are on SNAP in Arizona than he cares to admit).

There’s no hope here, only fuel for the fires of anger. If that’s his strategy, and I’m sure that it is, he does it very well. A lot of Congressional candidates try to dress for success. Ron Gould kindly puts on a clean AZCDL T-shirt. That would be the Arizona Citizens Defense League.

 The intent of the imagery of carrying guns to patrol the border and shooting a text of the Affordable Health Care Act is unmistakably clear. Dial in a catchy country tune to soften things a bit and it’s both a very good ad and a sad reflection of the state of American politics.

If you don’t like ’em, shoot ’em.

And, for the defense, Rick Wilson:

This is an ad guaranteed to send coastal elites into a frenzy. “Oh look, darling, those red-state buffoons are at it again…guns! I feel faint!…Where are my smelling salts? And how DARE they talk about Obamacare that way? He’s not even wearing a SUIT!”

Guns + campaign ads = awesome is an indisputable fact.  Last cycle, the Democrats scored the Joe Manchin seat on an ad not dissimilar to this one…an ad Democrats praised as clever, effective and decisive in a state where Barack Obama is about as unpopular as can be imagined.

He’s hitting two sweet spots for an AZ candidate: older voters, and white men.  Kidding aside, seniors hate Obamacare. They hate it like the fire of a thousand suns.  He tags all his Republican bona fides, but he not a stuffed-shirt guy.

The 4th is a very tough seat, but if he wins, he’s an automatic contender in the Congressional Bad-Ass Facial Hair standings, day one.

I also like the shooter-cam.  That’s pretty cool.

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