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Politicians blaming ‘those meddling bloggers’ for their problems

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At first I thought Senator Evan Bayh was just a pussy. I mean, how else do you describe a guy who, despite having won five statewide races and having $13 million in the bank, decided he no longer wishes to serve in the U.S. Senate partly because members no longer socialize with each other:

When I was a boy, members of Congress from both parties, along with their families, would routinely visit our home for dinner or the holidays. This type of social interaction hardly ever happens today and we are the poorer for it. It is much harder to demonize someone when you know his family or have visited his home. Today, members routinely campaign against each other, raise donations against each other and force votes on trivial amendments written solely to provide fodder for the next negative attack ad. It’s difficult to work with members actively plotting your demise.

On his way out the door, Bayh also blamed liberal bloggers for the capital gridlock that was driving him from office.

Today, according to William March of the Tampa Tribune, the attorney for disgraced former House Speaker Ray Sansom complained that “bloggers” were now deciding who serves in the Florida House and commented on revelations in the press that Eric Jotkoff, spokesman for the state Democratic Party, had in fact drafted the complaint that a private citizen had filed against Sansom, which sparked the House probe.

“I thought the Constitution was by, for and with the people,” she said. “Call me politically naïve, I had absolutely no idea that bloggers determined who served and who didn’t. I thought it was we the citizens.”

Obviously, Sansom’s attorney hasn’t been following the Marco Rubio Campaign, which actually credits the blogosphere for making his campaign a success.

I guess it’s time for politicians not with the program to realize that, yes, bloggers — liberal and conservative — are helping to determine ‘who serves and who doesn’t’, but we have nothing to do with self-inflicted problems. When a politician blames the blogosphere, they cede any sense of credibility. Instead, they begin to remind me of the crooks from the Scooby Doo cartoons who blamed “those meddling kids” for foiling their criminal plots.

If only those darn bloggers hadn’t ruined the U.S. Senate or made Ray Sansom use the Florida budget to steal from taxpayers.

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