Revival of the political cartoon, Saint Petersblog style

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The editorial cartoon holds a cardinal spot in American political history, but is among the casualties in the rise of new, digital media.  

No longer.

Florida, meet Jason Payne, your new political cartoonist.

Jason’s first illustration for Saint Petersblog and Context Florida portrayed the likely consequence of allowing Florida’s Prepaid Dental Health Program to sunset: a health plan capture of per-member per-month fees with little to ensure these dollars are spent on much needed kid’s dental services.

dental carve out4

And today, Jason makes clearer than words the choice Florida now faces with the implementation of Common Core State Standards.

09-18-2013-floridaschoice final

Jason is a comic book artist, filmmaker and photographer living in the South. He is the founder and owner of Syrup Pirates, where his self publishes most of his exploits, including an ongoing comic book series, Tall Tales for Short Kittens.

Stay tuned for more cartoonery, and tweet ideas you’d like to see depicted @syrupneko or @karencyphers.