Rick Kriseman and Charlie Crist tag-team at morning press conference

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Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist has Rick Kriseman’s back.

In a tight race for mayor against Bill Foster, Kriseman was among the Deomcratic VIPs to introduce Crist, who was in St. Pete Monday to formally declare his run for governor.

Kriseman described Crist’s second bid to lead the state of Florida – this time as a Democrat – as “a new journey to a familiar place.” He told supporters that Crist is a “forward-thinking leader” who cares about “good policy, not petty politics.”

Alluding to St. Petersburg’s city elections on Tuesday, Kriseman said “We must begin by making Charlie’s hometown a better place.”

“Tomorrow we will do our part,” said Kriseman, who asked residents for their support at the polls.

Crist made sure that Krseman shared some of the limelight after he made his own campaign speech for governor. He raised his hand with Kriseman in a show of support, as people cheered. The two candidates then strode off stage together and into the crowd of well-wishers.

Crist was immediately swamped by voters who had lined up to shake hands. Kriseman was right behind him also to shake hands and greet fellow supporters.

Kriseman’s campaign staff said that the candidate will spend most of Monday afternoon on the Central Avenue corridor talking to small business owners and asking for their vote. Tuesday morning, he will vote at 7 a.m. at his polling place in west St. Pete.