Rick Perry won’t run again, ending the Rick-Rick bromance

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Upon news that Rick Perry will not seek reelection as Texas’ governor for a fourth time, Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott took the chance to elbow his Republican counterpart, as the two have been known to do in what some have seen as the perfect political bromance.

Alike in most ways but with rather different approval ratings in doing so, Perry and Scott have sparred over which governor can lure more jobs to their respective state from less business-friendly neighbors. And both have succeeded.

Scott recruited Hertz; while Perry lured Paul Mitchell, the hair care magnate, leading Perry to jab that Scott wouldn’t know much about it: “You don’t waste any time in the morning working on your hair, brother.”

Perry does have rather famous hair up top, and to Scott, he will leave “Texas-size boots” for his successor to fill. 

Scott warned Perry to tell his successor that it’s just a matter of time before the Sunshine State surpasses the Lone Star to be number one in job creation.  And if he can succeed at that, Scott’s $0 per year job in the governor’s mansion is perhaps the most valuable for Florida to keep.