Rick Scott campaign memo: Charlie Crist should be sweating bullets

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The deputy campaign manager for Gov. Rick Scott is out with another pep talk for the troops. In a memo, Tim Saler broke down the absentee ballot numbers.

The Tampa Bay Times has the memo here. In it Saler notes that vote-by-mail numbers are double what they were at this time in the 2010 campaign and nearly 150,000 above the 2012 campaign. Almost 700,000 votes have been counted.

“Where are all these votes coming from? It’s pretty simple – they’re coming from Rick Scott supporters,” writes Saler.

Both campaigns have emphasized early-voting opportunities in recent elections.  It doesn’t necessarily predict the outcome but can serve as an indicator that a party’s get-out-the –vote effort is working.

Saler writes that Republican voters are voting in greater numbers and the GOP advantage “is nearly 3 times larger than at this time in the 2010 Republican wave election.”

But as outlined in this earlier report, ballots in Palm Beach and Broward counties were mailed later in the cycle than four years ago.