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Rick Scott: ‘This election is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’

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Rick Scott once again urged Republicans to put an end to a movement to stop Donald Trump, telling CNBC anchors the only thing it was doing was helping Democrats.

“This election is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is going to be very close to or at 1,237 (delegates). We have to stop trying to stop Trump, all that’s doing is helping Hillary,” the Florida governor said during an interview on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” “We’ve got to focus on winning November. We can’t have … four more years of Barack Obama’s economic policy, health care policy, all the things that have damaged this country.”

The message is similar to one Scott sent in a post on Facebook Wednesday. The Naples Republican endorsed Trump in March, calling on Republicans to unite behind Trump.

Scott said Trump “believes in job creation,” something Scott has spent the entirety of his time in the governor’s mansion focused on. In fact, Scott spent much of his appearance Thursday talking about jobs and his latest attempt to woo companies to Florida.

Earlier this week, Enterprise Florida released a one-minute radio advertisement trashing California for approving legislation to raise the minimum wage gradually to $15 an hour. The ad is set to air in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Scott defended the advertisement and said increasing the minimum wage to $15 could lead to job losses. Florida’s minimum wage is $8.05.

“The campaign is: Move to Florida,” said Scott. “If you want a job, if you want to build a global business, Florida is the place where you want to build your business. We understand what business people need.”

Scott said California’s increase “hurts the people they say they are going to help.”

“I want to make sure everybody has a job,” he said.

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