Riverview parents say school put 5-year-old son on wrong bus

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Parents trust the county school bus system to get their child home safely from school, but parents of a 5-year-old Riverview boy faced their worst fears after the school bus dropped the child off at the wrong stop.

According to a lawsuit filed by Steve Fish on behalf of his son, Takoda, the School Board of Hillsborough County failed Takoda and his parents when the boy was put onto a school bus that wasn’t his designated vehicle, and leaving him at the wrong stop. A member of the school board had escorted Takoda to the bus.

After he didn’t come home from school July 28, 2016, both parents searched frantically for their son, before eventually finding him safe.

Bus driver Vicki Hampton apparently left the child at a random stop, where there was no one there to greet or pick him up.

Fish is accusing SBHC of negligence for failing to provide supervision for Takoda, failing to put him on the correct bus, failing to drop him at the correct stop, and failing to provide a safe environment.

Takoda is a student at Summerfield Elementary School, located at 11990 Big Bend Road in Riverview. Given that the incident took place in July, it is possible that Takoda Fish was at Summerfield Elementary for either summer school or camp.

Takoda has allegedly suffered due to the incident, forcing him to seek ongoing medical care and mental treatment.

That morning, Fish posted a photo of himself and Takoda to Facebook that read, “Off to see the TB Bucs practice this morning.”

Takoda and Steve Fish, in a Facebook post the same day Takoda was allegedly put on the wrong school bus.