It’s decision time on who will be the next St. Pete Police Chief

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So far Rick Kriseman’s administration has been long on planning and a bit short on action.

The resumes have been reviewed; the candidates have talked to the City Council, the Mayor, the Police staff and the public. It is time for a decision.

There is some indication that the Mayor will wait until after he returns from his vacation in July to make his final decision.


What difference could two or three weeks make?

Just more time for wrangling at the PD, some maneuvering by the old coalition and at least some of the public holding their collective breath.

In other words NOTHING.

Note to Mayor Kriseman: You have a very highly paid team sitting down the hall; Chief of staff, Deputy Mayor, Communications Director and downstairs a very highly competent public relations (Marketing Department) group.

Why not make the decision, go on vacation and let the “team” earn their pay and handle the fallout, if there is any.

Or could it be that the Mayor doesn’t trust his high paid political brain trust with this one? Some dissention on the second floor of City Hall; is the “team” starting to spiral out of control?

If every major decision must wait until the Mayor returns from a vacation then we are wasting a lot of taxpayer dollars on the second floor.

If you have been following along Mr. Mayor, it’s really not that difficult a decision to make.

The entire city is waiting.

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