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2016 Florida presidential primary

Darryl Paulson: Florida – Land of electile dysfunction

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During and after the 2016 presidential election, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump complained about “millions of people who voted illegally.” He offered no proof to his charge, and virtually all state supervisors of elections found little evidence of fraud. It is “big news” when a single case of vote fraud emerges. It would be the story of the decade if 3 million individuals cast fraudulent votes as Trump alleges. When Sara Sosa of Colorado voted in the 2010, 2011, 2012…

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In Florida, Donald Trump looms as cloud in Marco Rubio’s Sunshine State

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Donald Trump is a part-time Florida resident — and a full-time problem for the home-state senator running for president, Marco Rubio. Rubio is counting on Florida to reshape the Republican contest that Trump has dominated by winning three of the first four states to vote. A loss in Florida on March 15 could doom Rubio’s chances, his campaign acknowledges. “We’re going to be fine in Florida,” Rubio said aboard his campaign plane this week. “I feel very good. We know…

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