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Today on Context Florida: Florida death penalty, ALICE, South Tampa politicos and Florida’s dim prospects

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Today on Context Florida: To find someone guilty of a crime — any crime — jurors have to agree unanimously. Not so to impose the death penalty, says Julie Delegal. Not here in Florida. And that’s why Florida’s death penalty sentencing procedure is in constitutional hot water. As Florida law stands now, after jurors find a defendant guilty of first-degree murder, they aren’t required to deliberate to the point of unanimity to sentence a murderer to death. They only take a…

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Five minutes with United Way of Florida President Ted Granger

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The United Way of Florida released a report in November indicating that about a third of Florida households are above the federal poverty line but struggled to meet basic necessities. The Assets Limited Income Constrained Employed – ALICE —  study found that 15 percent of families live on less than the poverty line of $23,000 for a family of four and another 30 percent on less than $47,000 – enough to pay for six basic needs and have a little…

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